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Lets Talk About Your Options
We try and keep things simple when it comes to picking out shutters but people still like options, so we put this together to show you 2 possible configurations as we discuss: Louver Size, Frame Style, Tilt Rod Options, 3 vs 4 sided Frame.

How to Measure your Window Opening
Measuring your window opening is the most important step in ordering your DIY Shutter kits.  If a measurement is close always err on the smaller side to make sure your DIY Shutter kit will fit.

How to Spray Paint Your Shutters
Painting your already primed shutters can seem like the most intimidating part of DIY Shutter kits, but it is much easier than it looks.   Here we will show you how to do it.

How to Assemble a Panel
This is a quick video on how to assemble your panels.  Our DIY Shutter Kits come pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-primed and go securely together with dowels and 1 screw on each corner.

Choosing the right Frame Option
We offer 3 different mounting options for your DIY Shutter Kit.   The choice you make can be determined by preference or by necessity.  Here we will walk you through our 3 frame options (Inside L-Frame, Outside L-Frame, and our most popular Z-Frame)

Choosing your Louver Size
We offer 3 size options of louvers/slats in our DIY Shutter Kits, and the choice you make depends on the window depth that you have. The larger louvers are more popular but will require a bit more room to clear the glass when opening and closing your shutters louvers/slats.

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